Acoustic panels

IBERACÚSTICA designs and manufactures insulation, shielding and acoustic absorption solutions through its PNLP and PNHY panels of high performance and durability, for the most demanding environment conditions. In addition, we have a large stock. Check availability with our sales staff.


Self-supporting panel, made of electroplating steel sheet, with a core of sound absorbing material. A plain face and another multi-perforated that facilitates sound absorption.
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Self-supporting panel, made of AISI 316 stainless steel or pre-lacquered, with a core of sound-absorbing material and washable plastic lining.
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Curved panels

Cladding structure, designed for plain and / or curved surface treatment, by perforated sheet panel and sound absorbing material of high density and sound absorption.

Corner panels

Self-supporting corner panel, made of electroplating steel, with a core of sound-absorbing material. It facilitates the assembly, guaranteeing the absence of acoustic leaks.